Colour Streaks

Highlighted Clip In Hair Extensions


Want to add some colour to your hair? Or looking to add some volume and length? Our streaks/highlights clip in hair extensions set consists of small 2” size pieces which can be clipped on anywhere.

Choose a contrasting colour for instant streaks, or a similar colour for a subtle highlight effect. These simple clip in highlights have the clips already attached, so in just 5 minutes you can give your hair a different look. Save time and money spent on dying, or instantly change your look for an evening out.

These clip on highlights can be curled, straightened or even dyed, and can be washed for repeated use


Spice up your look with Pro Extensions clip-in highlight streak packs. Available in an assortment of fun colours, these highlights are a fun and easy way to add colour to your hair without the damaging effects of dye, or the hassle of coloured chalk or aerosol sprays and paints.

Our clip-in highlights snap on in seconds, giving you that fun pop of colour that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going on a girl’s night out, need an accessory for a costume or just want spice up your everyday look, our highlight streak packs are quick and convenient.

Jyoritzkart focus on the latest hair inspirations and top-colour customisation. So if you are a natural hair girl who loves colourful hair but worry about dyeing damages, you definitely have a better choice now. Please allow our professional services to bring you a nice shopping experiences and your dream hairstyle.
Top colour can be customised as the shade of your natural hair to achieve a well-blended final look.


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