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I am wearing a very simple yet very classic and elegant saree..A Blue Plain Saree  with Heavy Golden Border stone & pearl work and A Heavy golden Blouse!☺❤

I don’t know what’s there between me and saree..I just really love it and it makes me look so real and classy!💕😘

To highlight the golden Touch and Royalness of the saree; I wanted to keep the look simple so I wored a heavy earring which is embezzled with blue stone studs  😍 some golden blue bangles on one hand and a bracelet on another. Luckily, the finger ring i wear all the time matched itself up with my outfit.

I kept my hair open with all its crimps and curls.😍:)

Hope you enjoyed seeing this post and hope you will love my look.

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Classic Black Fringe Poncho

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Looking for that perfect outfit on a day out with friends?:)☺

Get your hands on this trendy pullover poncho top, made of 100% acrylic, for a cool yet casual look.☺💕

The soft material will fall comfortably on your skin to keep you feeling warm and comfortable all day long.:)

With black stonework on poncho, it can be paired with your favourite off white top ,blue jeans or  jeggings to accentuate your chilled out mood.😍😍

Seamless poncho- Seamless means it has no seams so it gives better fit, Clean look, Improved comfort because of lack of seams.:)😘

Moving ahead I am wearing Black Poncho off white top, blue jeans or black jagging 😘😍

Black Poncho are very popular as they are versatile and go with almost any outfit. You can also wear any other colour 😘😍

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Winter Chic Street Style

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We’re not about to let a little snow or ice stand in the way of a good outfit.👌😊
That doesn’t mean going bare-legged or refusing to bundle up — remember, we want to look stylish, not clueless 😊😘— but we refuse to wear a sleeping bag masquerading as a coat.☺
Clearly, this street styled crew knows the feeling, showing off a set of Winter-ready outfits that don’t include over size puffers or snow pants.❤
Instead, their looks inspire a sleek, pulled-together standard for your cold-weather style, because a little inclement weather should never stand in the way of a great outfit.☺

Through for the inspiration, and prepare to layer up in style.💕😘

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Hello Friends 😘💕

It is so cold. What do you want to do when you wake up? What is the first thing on your mind? You must to go out but you do not know what to wear.😘😊😊


I am a little behind on all this but it still counts I guess, ha! 🙂 I was fortunate enough to spent the first days of new year with the love of my life and in this cases I don’t really spent any bigger time on computer. I am always really furious when I see couples on phones most of the time. Like when the movie in cinema ends they instantly grab their mobiles and sit there 5 minutes without saying anything..😘😊
Just typing. What the heck!❤
So I was really searching for a good wool grey coat that is cozy and easy.
And I finally found it. In a store that I don’t really ever go in because I always saw their clothing a bit lower quality.❤😊
But this time I saw their premium collection just randomly and fell in love with this grey coat. It is literally the most comfortable ever, it is woollen and warm as hell.

This coat is a bold and stylish update to a daytime outfit. Ideal for the colder days, its exceptionally comfortable design is crafted with wool and finished in grey with military-inspired silver buttons.😘😊Body: 78% polyester, 22% wool Lining: 100% polyester Length: 120cm/47” Dry clean only Model wear.😘😊😊

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Fall Fashion Handbag Trends😘😘👜👝👛🎒

A woman’s handbag is an integral part of her outfit. A handbag is more than just a sack to carry essentials. It’s a fashion statement, a way to express her style and creativity. Handbags come in many shapes, sizes, colours, prices and labels.👜👝👛

I know a lot of people don’t like mini bags. After all, they are small. Really small, in fact. So small you can’t fit much into them. How is that practical? Well, it isn’t. But mini bags are not meant for everyday use. They are meant for those occasions where you don’t want to carry a lot with you. Special events, girls night out, vacations and running errands are all occasions that come to mind when I think of mini bags. It seems many designers agree with me too! As we head into the 2016 Fall season, more and more mini bags are popping up from every designer imaginable.💕There are so many out there, it’s impossible to list them all. However, what you will find here are some of my favourites.  And, remember, never underestimate the power of a mini! And, for a little extra touch of class, this bag also features a gold tone chain..It looks almost like a piece of jewellery. I guess you could look at is as jewellery for your bag!💕👝👛

Not too dressy, not to casual. The Mini Affair is such a versatile style that could go anywhere from a friend’s wedding to a dance club. I love the quilted leather and chain strap. Very tough girl chic!

Handbags is an exclusive line of Premium quality bags which have Elegance, Style, Fashion and Comfort- all rolled into one. This latest Bucket Style ICONIC European handbag, which is so popular throughout Hollywood & Bollywood, is made of the softest Top Grain Genuine leather available and has a smooth matte finish with a Zip Closure to safeguard all your essentials. It comes with a beautiful handle at the top, sequined with Gold studs and a very chic “V” shaped design on the front of the bag. The bag comes with a detachable leather sling strap enabling you to carry it as a Handbag, a Satchel, A Cross Body or a Clutch. The bag with its “V” shaped design & sequined decoration gives such a Royal Look, that it’s sure to create a lasting impression wherever you take the bag. The inside of the bag has a large compartment with polyester lining, 1 large zip pocket, and 2 interior slot pockets, polyester lining and 1 zip pocket on the back of the bag, allowing you to carry all you need in a fashionable avatar, ready to compliment you’re every look!👛

 With the holiday season fast approaching, it is now time to start thinking about all those holiday parties. Whether they are with friends or coworkers, these formal events require something a little fancier than your everyday handbag.Nothing screams evening elegance like a tiny crescent-shaped bag! The navy blue exterior is so gorgeous. 💼🎒👝

I love the look of the gold tone hardware paired with the navy blue too. It makes this piece look that much more rich! And, for a little extra touch of class, this bag also features a gold tone chain detail. It drapes down over the front of the bag, attaching on each side of the small leather handle. It looks almost like a piece of jewellery. I guess you could look at is as jewellery for your bag! This sleek and simple style is perfect for just about any evening look. However, I think it would look most stunning while being showcased against your favourite little black dress.👛

Party Wear Suit

Royal Blue Anarkali Suit heavy Pearl Neck Design 


We will represent latest and exclusive party wear collection for women. Recently, Designer has launched its latest and exclusive party wear collection  for women. This party wear collection  is very elegant and decent. This exclusive party wear collection  has been specially designed for spring and summer season. This casual wear collection includes long  churidar pajamas. All party dresses have been designed according to latest fashion trends and styles.In this party wear collection , designer used high quality and best fabric materials along with unique but latest stitching styles. Let’s give a quick look at the latest and exclusive party wear collection .


Anarkali suits are wardrobe staple of every woman: school girl, a college student, working woman or an old beauty. In fact, an Indian woman’s wardrobe is not complete unless it contains at least one Anarkali suit. Anarkali suits are perfect for every occasion weather it a wedding, festival, family gathering, family dinner, cocktail party or a religious function. This evergreen Indian Ethnic wear are available in different styles, materials and colours so it becomes difficult to choose the right one that suits your personality and body shape & frame. The right selection helps you to camouflage physical flaws of your body. Our timeless fashion guide for anarkali suits will help you pick right Anarkali suit based on your body shape and frame.


Alluring Blue Colour Net  Designer Anarkali Suit with Zari, Pearl embroidery, Stone Work Work paired with contrast matching dupatta. The first wash of the garment should always be Dry-Cleaned.
The shades may vary slightly from the colours displayed on your screen.

Hair Dummy


100% Human Soft silky Hair Practise / Cutting / Colouring Dummy For Trainers ( This is Original human hair product Guaranty with money back guaranty ) 180 c Tested on temperature Approved by Ritzkart This Human Hair Long Hair is suitable for cosmetology students or anyone to practice cutting, braiding, setting All type This mannequin head is a great way to practice all different kind of hair styles on. Whether you are cutting or braiding, brushing, you can create so many different looks. This is a great product to teach yourself different hairdressing techniques or just to have fun with. Features: Colour: Golden Brown Length of the hair :22”


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How To Care Mannequin Hair

General care and maintenance of your mannequins is very straight forward, inexpensive and easy to do. Here are a few examples of how to look after your mannequins:

  • Always make sure your hands are clean and free of jewellery. You may want to wear gloves when handling your mannequin to ensure there will be no damage to the mannequin.
  • Taking extra care of the most vulnerable parts of the mannequins (fingers, hands, joints, face and neck). These parts of the mannequin are the most liable to breakages. This means you need to take extra care when cleaning or renovating these parts of the mannequins. Also when storing the mannequin, these parts need to be separate and wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them from breakages.
  • Avoid banging your mannequin into hard objects. This is to avoid your mannequin breaking or chipping.
  • Do not allow the mannequin to fall. Again this is to avoid breaking the mannequin. Take extra care when carrying your mannequin. It is better to take your mannequin apart when manoeuvring it around as it is easier to move and less likely to break.
  • Removing smudges and marks. This can be done with multiple different methods. The first option is using a mix of toothpaste and water and then using a small sponge to remove the soiled area. Another method is to use “Clorox bleach wipes” (Atkinson, S 2013) these are just wipes that can wipe away smudges and marks.
  • Pencil like marks can be removed easily by going over them using a rubber. The most likely cause of pencil marks on your mannequin is jewellery that has rubbed on the mannequin.
  • When storing your mannequin, make sure to wrap every part separately in bubble wrap to avoid breakages.
  • In order to keep your mannequin looking clean you can also request touch up paint from your mannequin supplier. This comes in a small pot and can be used on soiled areas.

    Cleaning your Mannequin

    Here is a step by step guide to giving your mannequin a quick but thorough clean.

    1. Before handling your mannequin ensure your hands are completely clean and free of jewellery, and then put a pair of disposable gloves on. If you handle your mannequin with dirty hands then the mannequin will also get dirt on it.
    2. Wipe down your mannequin with a wet cloth and bleach spray. Apply pressure to the cloth to ensure all dirt is removed.
    3. For tougher stains on the mannequin you can use a mix of toothpaste and water to apply to the mannequin with a wet sponge or cloth.
    4. When you have finished cleaning your mannequin you need to dry it. This can be done by using a dry, clean cloth. “Use small, firm, circular motions. This will leave the mannequin smooth and looking polished.”


    Cleaning, maintenance and renovation are all important factors in order for your store to be a success. Your mannequins effectively reflect your brand image and therefore need to be in a pristine condition at all times. At the end of the day would you want to buy from a store with shabby mannequins? Poor looked after mannequins put people off the product and this means less customers and less sales. Clean looked after mannequins are more likely to attract customers, customer loyalty and a lot more sales. So keep your mannequins looking perfect!

    How to care of Synthetic Wig ?

    Synthetic wig has made lots of technological advancements in recent years. These chemically formulated fibres are so realistic, no one will be able tell them apart from human hair. In many cases, the texture and look of the wigs feels and looks just like human hair. It also can be worn straight out of the box, unlike human hair, which usually needs styling first. Wave and curl patterns in synthetic wig have a “memory” wave, which allows the curls to bounce back without much effort, and it won’t frizz or droop in humid weather. However, because synthetic wig has different properties from real virgin hair, you have to take care for the wig differently in order to make it last as long as possible

    Before washing, gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush. For wigs with a tight curl, do not brush, use fingers and gently remove tangles.

    Use wig shampoo specially formulated for synthetic wigs. In a sink or basin, mix 2 capfuls of shampoo with cold water only. Turn wig inside out and immerse. Gently swirl and let soak for 5 minutes.

    Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all shampoo is removed.

    Apply 1 – 2 capfuls of wig conditioner. Allow the fibres to absorb the conditioner for about 2 minutes.

    Rinse the wig gently in cold water until all of the conditioner is removed. Wrap the wig in a towel and gently pat out excess water. Do not rub.

    Spritz a revitalising conditioner over the entire surface of hair. This will further condition the wig fibres.

    Important: To prevent fibre damage, do not use a hair dryer, curling iron or other drying aids and keep wigs away from all sources of excess heat or open flame (e.g. stoves, ovens, barbecues, cigarette lighters).

    Place your clean wig on a wig stand and allow the wig to thoroughly air dry. Do not brush or comb the wig until completely dry. When dry, use a wig brush or hair pick to gently restore styling.

    To give additional styling support and to add shine and body to your wig, spray entire hair surface with finishing spray.